Harper School - Elementary Overview

Elementary Overview

Harper provides your child a strong academic foundation for success in middle school and high school.

Harper Elementary School serves K-6 students with an emphasis on language arts and STEM. Like Harper Preschool students, K-6 students will learn by doing (e.g. solving math problems, reading classic literature, programming robots, playing chess and piano).

Lectures will take a backseat to active learning. Teachers will utilize the best online, personalized learning tools (e.g. Khan Academy) to tailor the curriculum to students' individual needs. Group projects will be common; physical fitness will be a priority; high expectations will be paramount; and school will be challenging and fun.

Harper makes learning fun and challenging and instills a "can do" attitude.

Our first goal is to make sure your child loves going to school, not only because it's fun and social but also because they enjoy the challenge of successfully learning new things. This love of learning and confidence that "I can do it" will become the foundation for their success in Kindergarten and beyond."

Joe Wagner, Founder

Our second goal is to make sure we are instilling in your child the same character strengths and virtues that you as parents are working on at home. We want to help our kids to be not just good learners, but good kids too, kind and well-behaved.

Joe Wagner, Founder
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